Do you have a dream of a new career, your own business, a house in the country, more time with the family, financial freedom or something else?

You do, excellent 🙂

Let’s start moving you towards that dream today.

You will need to do some deep thought and some written work, so find somewhere quiet with some paper and a pen.

Please ensure you spend some time on each of these questions and really explore your mind.

Define the end goal

Get a piece of paper and write it down immediately.

e.g. I want to start my own software business.

Right, when do you want achieve this by?

e.g. By the 2nd of January 2017, I want to start my own software business.

Let’s rephrase this to be more positive.

e.g. By the 2nd of January 2017 I will start my own software business.

Wow, what a great goal.

Now shut your eyes and think into the future when you have achieved your goal?

How do you feel?

What does your partner say to you?

What are your friends and colleagues saying about you?

Feel good?

It does, fantastic 🙂

If not, it is time to revisit your dream?

Break it down

Time to break it down into smaller goals.

Let’s say, to start my dream business, I need 6 months of living expenses in the bank.

Write your goal down?

e.g. I will have 6 months of living expenses in my current account by the 31st of December 2016.

Where are you today on this?

What can you do to move closer to this?

Here are some examples

  • Reduce my monthly expenses
  • Ask for a pay rise
  • Do some contract work in my spare time
  • Delay my holiday
  • Sell some assets
  • Sell some personal items on eBay

Take action

Write down your own options?

Now write down the pros/cons of each option.

Which ones do you want to take forward?

When can you complete these?

What ones can you do today?

Put down an exact date.

e.g. By the 10th of February I will examine all my monthly expenses and either cancel the ones that are not mandatory and find cheaper alternates for the others.

Now you should have a complete to do list for this goal.

What is going to get in your way of completing these actions?

How can you avoid these barriers?

For each of these how confident are you on completing them?

Not confident?

What can you do to be more confident?

Who can help you get these done?

Who can keep you accountable?

Iterate until finished

Continue this exercise until you run out of shorter term goals that will help you achieve your dream.

You should now have complete action plan.

Now get moving, your dream awaits.

Wrap up

Achieving your dreams is not easy and in some cases will push you way out of your comfort zone.

Unless you write them down, break them down further and create an action plan, you will never move them forward.

If you need any help to define your goals or struggle to move them forward, you are not alone.

For years, I wanted to run my own company, but would not leave my successful corporate career until I knew exactly what I wanted to do next.

At the end of 2014, I had several coaching sessions with an executive coach that empowered me to make the decisions I needed to move forward with my dream.

Well it is 2016 and I am now running my own coaching business empowering developers, IT leaders and small IT business owners to define and move forward with their goals whilst enabling them to unblock any barriers in their way.

If you need any help moving forward with your goals, contact me at and we can schedule a free powerful and empowering introductory coaching session.

Anything you tell me will be completely confidential.

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