About this blog

I created this blog for me and for you.

For me –

I am feeding my passion. A newly discovered passion for writing and helping others gain from my experience of creating my own successful career.

For you –

For those of you who want to grow their current career and gain a competitive edge over their peers. I will share with you the strategies that I used to create a very successful corporate career in a performance demanding environment.

For those of you who are at a stage in your life where like me you have achieved great success in your current corporate career, but want something else. I will share with you what I have learnt through my current journey from successful senior corporate leader to running my own business.

I will help you create the career you deserve.

My current journey

nicholas fosterOver 13 years, my corporate career exponentially grew from an individual contributor to a senior leader who built and lead high performing global teams in London, New York, Singapore and India.

I loved my corporate career that I worked extremely hard to create, especially the experience of working with some extremely talented people from a wide variety of cultures.

But I reached the stage in my life where I wanted something else, but I did not know what that was.

I went through a painful two years of a never-ending cycle of wanting to do something else, not knowing what to do and therefore not doing anything.

I became anxious, unhappy, disengaged and as my daughter put it one evening, a grumpy dad. Things had to change, but how?

A colleague of mine arrived back from an executive coaching training course and was looking for people to practice with. I volunteered and thought I was doing him a favour. Boy, how wrong was I.

During many coaching sessions, I learnt that it was ok not to know what to do next, but the decision to leave my corporate career was the right one.

Well it took more than 15 months of trying different things, attending training courses and talking to lots of people to realise that I had a passion for writing and coaching others to create the career they deserve.

This is my journey so far and I am excited about my future ahead as well as hearing about the future you create for yourselves.

My complete career profile can be found on LinkedIn.

About me

nicholas fosterI live in the Garden of England (Kent) in the UK. I am married to a beautiful and caring wife and we have been blessed with two happy and healthy children. Recently we have a new addition to the family called Charlie a Tibetan terrier who is currently the disrupter of the group.

I love to spend time with my family and friends, trying to keep fit at the gym, cycling, scuba diving, finding out about new technologies and talking to lots of interesting people.

My contact information

You can contact me via email or follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.