Whether you are leading a team, project or any other initiative, it is critical that you give off a positive can do attitude, even if your work or personal life is not going well.

The way you walk, your facial expression and your communication style can have a positive or negative effect on the people you are leading i.e.

  • If your project is falling behind and you are taking hell from your stakeholders and manager then the last thing you should do is let the project team see this in the way you act. Continue to act with a positive can do attitude and the project team will continue to be highly motivated and productive. The project may or may not come in on time, but if you acted differently it could of got a hell lot worse. I also guarantee that the project team will also want to work on a project with you again, which is a huge positive effect on your leadership brand.
  • In times of uncertainty, people will always feel very insecure, which will effect their performance at work. It is your job as a leader to install confidence in your team by constantly communicating a positive attitude verbally or physically. Acting any different will cause an untold amount of stress on the people you lead and in turn affect their and the team’s performance.

I think this quote for Winston Churchill sums it up nicely – “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”

How can I stay positive?

The following are the techniques I use to stay positive –

  1. Smile and think positive thoughts – I always do this whenever I leave my office to go to a meeting or speak with others. This can change my whole mood and the way I act going forward. My favourite positive thought is being underwater, surrounded by an ocean full of different coloured and species of fish in the Maldives, what is yours?
  2. Rant to a colleague, peer or mentor – talking things over with a trusted advisor and getting things off your chest can really clear you mind and make you feel better. I always exchange rants with a colleague and friend of mine called Jennifer Hewit, even though she works in New York now, we continue to rant at each other on WhatsApp. Why not your wife I hear you say, well bringing your work home can then have a negative effect on your family life and in turn on your positive attitude.
  3. Listen to podcasts – on your way to work, try listening to a podcast about something you are interested in. It is amazing the effect listening to someone who is passionate about a particular subject can be, you also get to learn something – a win, win. Currently I am listening to Amy Porterfield as I am interesting in social media marketing and boy is she passionate about Facebook.
  4. Take regular exercise – I exercise 5-6 days a week and it always has a positive effect. For example, this morning I woke up extremely tired and a little bit grumpy as I could not think of a topic to write about today. During my cycle ride, I thought of four new topics to write about and although really tired after 25 miles, I felt great and have not stopped smiling yet.

Wrap up

I hope your continue to lead with a smile. If you have any techniques you use and would like to share, then please leave a comment or email me at nicholas.foster@develite.com

To positive thinking
Nicholas Foster

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