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Have you been promoted into a senior role, feel out of your depth and struggling to compete with your new peer group?

Have you started a senior role in a new company and it is not going as well as you hoped?

Do you want to avoid being one of the 40% of leaders who fail within 18 months of getting promoted or changing jobs?

If this sounds like you, I can help. My proven 6 month coaching and mentoring programme has been designed for people just like you. Take a look at what I cover during a typical programme –

Month 1 – Assessment

During the first month, we will do a deep dive assessment on the following areas –

  • Success criteria, metrics and impediments
  • Expectation, values and misalignment
  • Relationships
  • Vision
  • Your organisation
  • Professional development areas
  • Personal balance

From this we will create a current state heat-map to identify areas we need to work on as a priority.

Month 2 – Plan

This month, we will take the heat-map and build out a challenging, but achievable 90-day action plan with milestones and measurables so we can turn the heat-map back to green.

Month 3, 4 & 5 – Execute

During the next 90 days, you will execute your 90 day plan with full support from your accountability and change partner.

Each month we will reassess the heat-map and adapt the plan if required.

Month 6 – Reassessment

In the last month of the programme, we perform a full reassessment to ensure you are back on your way to success in your new role.

Programme Delivery



Kick off exploratory meeting to discuss your current situation, desired outcomes and timelines. This is ideally face to face.


Insightful Coaching

Regular 1-2-1 coaching sessions to take you through each step of the programme. These can be face to face, phone or video call.


Timely Intervention

WhatsApp, email and telephone support between sessions if needed.


Follow Up

Post programme follow up to celebrate your outcomes and learnings.

During the programme, you’ll experience

Clarity of thought
Powerful decision making
Action biased strategies
Safe, supported space
Challenge & stretch
Well-paced rate of change

Why this programme & why this coach?

Unlike many other coaches in the market, I have spent over 15 years as a senior technology leader where I have successfully transitioned multiple promotions and taken on a senior role in a different company.

I have also successfully mentored and coached many leaders through the same challenging transitions.

From this experience, I have taken what worked and what didn’t work and carefully designed a programme that will help you and others to succeed during this exciting, but challenging time in your career.

Trusted By

Nicholas is an excellent mentor and coach. Using his wealth of management experience, he has helped me drive my career and overcome challenges that I face.

Andrew Freed

Andrew Freed

Nick is an incredible mentor and coach. Having worked in his team at Credit Suisse and learning from his leadership and people skills, I am glad he has considered coaching through his venture ‘Develite’. I have been following his blogs and it has helped me a lot and I highly recommend people to read them and connect with Nick to receive his coaching for personal and professional development.

Keta Desai

Keta Desai

Overall, Nick had a hugely positive impact on my business.

Ed Burke

Ed Burke

I would wholeheartedly recommend Nick to anyone who is looking to challenge and improve themselves whilst staying true to who the want to be.

Tom Wallis

Tom Wallis

Nick’s coaching helped me stop feeling completely overwhelmed by workload and shown me how I can take a calm step by step approach to decide what I need to achieve and then work out a logical order of tasks to get there.

Nathalie Christmann-Cooper

Nathalie Christmann-Cooper


Next Steps

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If I can help you rescue your career, please feel free to contact me. We can then arrange a time to discuss in more detail.

If you decide during this meeting not to work with me or we aren’t a perfect fit: no problem.

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