You constantly dream of achieving more in your career and life, but are stuck moving forward.

You are always studying, working harder and harder, getting more stressed, but are still not getting anywhere.

You feel guilty for spending less hours with your loved ones.

You are stuck in a rut and worried that this is it.

You feel anxious because you are in a never ending cycle of wanting to do something else, but won’t as you do not know what to do next.

That was me

I was exactly that person and was stuck like that for many years until I got a coach.

A coach helped me turn my life around, he got me unstuck.

He helped me slow down, think clearly, gave me homework, told me things no one else dared and took me through a journey of change.

This journey was so powerful for me that I left my successful career as a senior IT leader and trained to be a coach.

I now help people through the same journey I went through over a year ago.

I still have a coach, well actually I have two.

I am stress free, work the hours I want and living a better life for me and my family.

What is coaching

Coaching is about relationships, trust and helping someone through a change.

It is about going deeper than looking at what you want and finding out what you really really want in life.

It is about helping you get past those internal and external obstacles in your way.

It also about being held accountable to make a change.

What about you?

I could go on and on about the benefits of coaching, but you have to experience it yourself to really understand.

So, I am currently offering a free 90-minute coaching session over the phone or Skype.

Do you want to stop feeling stressed, anxious, worried, guilty and want to achieve more?

You do, then schedule your free coaching session, by contacting me on +44 208 144 0575 or

What have you got to lose other than a small amount of your time?

Please note that I only run 3 free coaching sessions a week and next week is currently full.


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