When I first started my corporate career, I was frustrated about the behaviour of an individual in the organisation

When I discussed it with my mentor, he got a blank piece of A4 paper out and drew the following graph –organisational behaviour

He then went through each quadrant of the graph explaining how organisations can behave.

  • Individuals with low skills and poor behaviour are let go.
  • Individuals with low skills and good behaviour are sent for training and mentoring.
  • Individuals with high skills and good behaviour are fast tracked.
  • Individuals with high skills and poor behaviour are kept around as the organisation becomes dependent on them and forgives their poor behaviour in return of what these individuals can do. This can affect the organisation in the long term as the behaviour of this individual effects those in the other quadrants. In some cases, people even replicate this behaviour as it is seen as acceptable.

I have meet some cases of extremely talented people who behave badly at work, but are protected by very senior people as they produce the results the company need.

They had an observable affect on talented people who they conflicted with. Some even left the company.

It will be interesting to understand if you see this behaviour accepted in your organisation.


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