Are you too busy to participate in any giving back to the community events?

In my previous role, I always was, or was I?

To be brutally honest, I could not be bothered. Yep, what a poor leadership example.

Well, last year, I had a harsh word with myself and decided to get involved.

Each Friday an email pops in my inbox outlining the week’s achievements and volunteering opportunities. I thought, let’s do this thing before I procrastinate again.

I picked the two community events at the top and emailed the coordinator offering my help.

  1. Help evaluate a company looking for social investment.
  2. Mock interviews at a local school to help students prepare for university interviews.

I then sat back feeling proud, but suddenly my limiting beliefs kicked in. I had never evaluated a company for investment before and I had never been to university. How the hell could I help?

The social investment

Then my fears became reality. The organiser called me back about the social investing and started that they were looking for people mainly on the business side.

Then it clicked, I had run a small company and I also remembered helping evaluate two companies from a technical perspective.

I explained my experience and she said she would put me forward.

My email exploded with company accounts, business plans, social plans, consultancy write ups. Then the email I was expecting, but dreading. They needed to finalise feedback in two days’ time. They also gave me the name of a senior business guy that has done this before to partner with. WTF!

Nope, I am going to find time to do this thing. I had made a commitment to myself.

I spent the train journey home and all evening trawling through the documents. The next day I scheduled a meeting with the senior business guy. The strangest thing happened. Our feedback was very similar; I wasn’t the amateur I thought I was.

We gave the feedback to a partnering company by the deadline and the contact there also confirmed he had the same thoughts as us.

At the interview, I gave my feedback, met some great people and eliminated one of my limiting beliefs.

The mock interviews

I arrived at the school early and waited for others to join.

In the back of mind, I was thinking what the hell I am going to ask these students. I had never been to a university interview let alone ask questions about their subjects of choice.

I was a qualified coach though, so I should be able to ask some good non-technical questions.

When everyone arrived, a lady from an external company explained to us the schedule for the afternoon. We partnered up and were assigned two students to interview. She gave us a sheet for each student which outlined some general questions as well as some technical questions for their chosen subjects.

That was a relieve. I would not have to wing it.

The interviews went well and we both asked the students lots of off sheet questions, got some great answers and gave them our feedback.

I could not believe how passionate these students were about their subjects and what they had learnt about themselves.

When I left the school, I felt a buzz that I had helped these students gain more confidence for their forthcoming interviews.

I also had the opportunity to network with people from the same company.

It’s a wrap

I realised that doing the right thing and giving back to the community had a big effect on me.

It made me feel great, it eliminated some of my limiting beliefs, I met some great people who inspired me and I used my experience to help others achieve their goals.

Why didn’t I do this sooner?

What giving back to the community events have you been part of and how did it make you feel?

Your virtual coach & mentor


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