Work is a competitive environment and being visible is a must if you want to succeed in your career.

Are you having trouble getting noticed at work?

Are you stuck in the same company position whilst your peers progress?

If so, then I am going to show you some practical actions that will raise your head above your peers and get you the recognition you deserve.

Your manager

How does your manager know what you have done well all week?

Well, it is up to you to tell your manager at the end of each week using a weekly report.

Each day, note down in a log, your work, your achievements, the value you add and any praise you have received.

Make sure you can read it back as you can also use this in your 1-2-1 meetings and end of year review.

At the end of the week, summarise this into a weekly report and email it to your manager. Send this on a Friday lunchtime as this is usually a quiet day for meetings and a time to catch up with email.

Remember to keep it at an executive summary level as you want your manager to read it and not skip over it.

This is also a great opportunity for you to reflect on what you have learnt this week as well as where you can improve. Continuous reflection and improvement is a must to stay ahead of the pack.

Your team

Why is it important to get noticed by your team?

Well, they talk to your manager, other managers, their lunch colleagues and others in the organisation. They can spread the word about the good work you are doing.

But how do you get noticed by your team?

Be a team player

  •  Is a team member always staying late to get their work done, can you help them out?
  •  Is there a tool or process you can introduce to save the team time?
  •  Can you arrange outside activities team building activities i.e. sporting event, lunch dinner, etc.

Team learning
Can you arrange a lunchtime learning session to –

  • Talk about a book or blog you have read?
  • Talk about a TED talk or podcast you have listened to?
  • Teach the team about a subject you are passionate about?
  • Run a coding dojo?

Team mentoring
Are there any junior members of the team you can mentor?

If you want to become a team lead, then this is an excellent skill to master. Why not practice on a team member and in turn raise your visibility.

Your clients

Your clients will be vocal with your manager if you do a great job for them.

Learn about their business and find solutions that will add value to it. Always be the first to visit them when a problem occurs, keep them updated on resolution and action taken to stop it occurring in the future.

In time, you will become their trusted advisor and the one they approach when they need any advice.

They will also often praise you to other teams and managers as well i.e. “can you speak to Joe on how he does this, he understands our needs and always delivers it on time.”

Your manager’s peers

Top talent reviews and promotions are generally discussed with your manager and your manager’s peers.

How can your manager’s peer back you, if they do not know who you are?

You will need your managers help with this one.

  • Ask if you can to help run an initiative your manager has that crosses all departments?
  • Volunteer if there is resource shortage in a peers area or you feel your specialised skills will help solve a problem they have.

You can also invite your manager’s peers teams to the events your are arranging for your team.

Internal network

Building a strong network in the organisation will help you gain a much wider visibility.

When a colleague in your network hears about an opportunity that is right for you, you will be the first person they recommend.

You can build your network by –

  • Attending company wide internal and external events
  • Volunteering to help with company wide initiatives i.e. talent building, campus recruiting, etc
  • Attending other team events of interest
  • Taking part in company charity events
  • Building your own regular internal meet-up on a topic you are passionate about i.e. agile


I have given you practical actions that I have been successful with to raise your visibility.

They will take some time and hard work, but the results will be worth the extra effort.

Do you have any other practical actions you can share?

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