Are your successful in your current career?

Do you feel like you want something else, something more?

Are you stuck in a never-ending cycle of wanting to do something else, not knowing what to do and thus do nothing?

You are, it is frustrating as hell, right?

The stress of not knowing what to do next

I was extremely successful in my corporate career and loved it for more than ten years. But now, I wanted something more, something else, something was missing. But what was it?

For two years, I tried to figure it out in my head.

I became:

  • anxious – my jaw would tighten and I got a knot in my stomach every day trying to figure out what to do next, but I could not decide. This was not good for my long-term health.
  • unhappy – It was affecting my family life. My wife commented on how unhappy I had become. My daughter even called me a grumpy dad.
  • disengaged – my number one thing I loved about my job was client relationship management. I now found myself disengaging with them and this was affecting my performance as a senior leader. My clients, my boss and his boss commented on it.

This cycle could not continue. I had to decide, but how?

I don’t know what to do next

A colleague and now friend had attended an executive coaching training course the weekend before and asked if I would be a practice client. I thought I was doing him a favour, but boy was I wrong.

During our coaching sessions, I gained the clarity that it was ok not to know what to do next, it was something that I had to discover. For me this was to try several things to find out what I liked.

I also came to the difficult decision that this career was no longer for me. I decided to take a year out to spend some precious time with my family as well as try some new things.

Making this decision was one of the hardest decisions in my life. I was giving up a successful career that took me many years of hard work to create.

This decision would also affect others. It would affect my family and as a senior leader, the people who worked in my teams.

But working with my coach, parents, friends and more importantly my wife came to the decision that leaving was the right thing to do.

My journey so far

It took me more than fifteen months of trying different things, attending training courses and talking to lots of people to realise had undiscovered passions. Passion for writing and coaching. Those who know me well could see me as a coach, but never as writer. Who’d guess.

I now use these to help others create the careers they deserve.

It’s a wrap

From my own personal experience and what I see from the clients I coach, is that it is ok not to know what to do next. This can be discovered. The key is making that first step to discovering what that something is.

I am now happy, no longer anxious, re-engaged and feeding an undiscovered passion. I am even smiling while I write these very words at 6am.

So, what is that first step you can take to discover what you should do next?

Your virtual coach and mentor


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