It’s hard to keep motivation going with your goals in January and in some cases, even get started.

The Christmas festivities are a distant memory, the weather sucks, it is ages before summer and your boss is telling you about the stack of work he wants you to complete this year.

Well, you may get a pay rise or even promoted, motivating?

It is no wonder Monday was named Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year.

Well, this post is an attempt to kick start your motivation again.

What is motivation?

  • Motivation is an internal state, influenced by external factors.
  • Motivation is different for everyone, some motivated towards pleasure and others towards pain.
  • Your root of motivation can change over time as well your motivation levels.
  • You need to constantly feed motivation.

Now you know what it is, how are you going to change yours?

Ways to motivate

  • Ask yourself, is this goal, something your really want, something you really really want? If not, put it on the shelf and find another.
  • Write it down and visualise the goal outcome. Ask yourself how do you feel? What are you doing? What are people saying?
  • Is the goal challenging? You are more likely to finish a goal that challenges you.
  • Write down all the barriers in your way and write down how you will overcome them.
  • Tell someone and ask them to make you accountable. Your partner, a friend, a colleague, a coach or a group of people focused on the same goal.
  • Constantly measure your progress and write it down. Remember small steps forward are better than none at all and some small steps back are also ok.
  • Treat yourself regularly. A reward feels good after all your efforts.
  • Break it down into smaller chunks or pick a smaller goal to focus on. We are more motivated the closer the goal is, even if the prize is greater with the goal further away.
  • Ignore the goal wreckers, the ones who want you to fail.

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Constantly feed your motivation

It is a good idea to feed your motivation on a daily basis, here are some examples that may help –

  • Motivational quotes
  • Music
  • Inspirational pictures – a picture of your children or a dream holiday destination, etc.
  • Physical objects i.e. if your goal is to get a new car at the end of the year, buy yourself a toy version and put it on your desk.
  • Vision boards.
  • Inspirational TED talks, DVDs, podcasts, books or blog posts like these.
  • Surround yourself with positive and like minded people.

Follow my example?

These motivated me to successfully start and complete dry January over the last 3 years –

  • I told my wife and children, it is not a real goal unless I tell them. I felt accountable.
  • I did it with a competitive friend and we checked up with each other on progress. It was amazingly competitive and I was not going to give him the satisfaction of a win 🙂
  • I weighed and measured myself each week to see the progress. This motivated me when my weight dropped. If it stayed the same, then I talked with my competitive friend.
  • I treated myself each week to my favorite dinner. A treat was something to look forward to.
  • I felt I had more energy every week. Feeling better kept me pushing forward.

What motivates you?

Think of a time when you were motivated to achieve something and were successful.

Ask yourself the following questions –

  • What was it that motivated you?
  • How did the motivation build?
  • What kept the motivation high?

Wrap up

Motivation is different for everyone, it can change and needs to be fed on a regular basis.

Have you found your motivation today?

You have, that is great news, why not share in the comments below?

It may help others find theirs.

I wish you continued motivation with your 2016 goals.

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