I joined a new gym a few weeks ago.

It has only just opened and contains some strange looking cardio equipment that I have not seen before.

A rumour floating around the gym is that the ARC cross fit trainer is used by NFL players as it is a killer workout.

I usually stick to the treadmill, but this rumour pulled me towards this machine like a moth to a light.

After 15 minutes of interval training on the ARC, I was dripping with sweat and my legs were burning like hell.

This machine lives up to the hype and we will be meeting each week for the same.

A great weekend

Each day when I get to the gym, I speak with a really nice guy.

He is a really big guy and looks like he has been religiously pushing weights for some time.

I did not see him on Monday, so on Tuesday, I asked him if he had been slacking off.

Luckily for me, he laughed.

He told me that each month he travels back to Ireland to spend time with his family. This month, it was a very special occasion, it was his dad’s 70th.

His face lit up as he told me how it had been a great weekend. Over 60 of his dad’s family and friends had met at a hotel venue to wish his father a Happy Birthday.

With a little emotion in his voice, he told me how happy and moved his dad was.

Monday morning shocker

His tone suddenly changed as he told me that he cannot get to the gym on a Monday. The early morning flight from Ireland and train cannot get him to the office until 9ish.

He travels on Monday morning so that he can spend additional time on Sunday night with his family.

This Monday, he got to the office at 09:30 and his boss told him that he was late and this was now becoming a habit.

His boss told him that maybe he should consider taking Monday morning off as holiday in the future.

He thought it was a bit unfair considering he works an extra 2 hours each day.

Before I could say anything and with a cheeky grin, he told me that he was slacking off now talking to me and started pounding again on some very heavy dumbbells.

Talk about take and no give.

I felt myself starting to get annoyed as I thought about what I would do in this situation.

  • Would I tell my boss where to go?
  • Would I find another job?
  • Would I work to rule?

I then decided I would use this emotion to help finish off my workout. Boy it worked. I managed to bench press more weight than usual.

Upon reflection

Over breakfast I reflected back on this.

One thing I have learnt about conflict in the workplace is that is usually caused by a lack of communication, especially around expectations.

  • Was there a discussion upfront on what the boss expected about hours in the office?
  • Was there a discussion upfront about monthly travel and what it means to him?
  • Was there a discussion upfront about give and take?
  • Was the boss just being an arse?
  • This discussion is late, but needs to take place. Expectations need to aired or an internal grumble will continue way into the future.

So, what conversation are you going to have this week and with whom?

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Steve Dunn · September 26, 2016 at 10:18 pm

I like the phrase ‘work is something you do, not somewhere you go’. If this guy was a thought worker, then I’m sure his time to work would be spent on the things he’ll be tackling when he gets there

Mind you, if he’s a security guard and nobody can get into the building until he gets there, then maybe he should take the time off!

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