Not sure whether you should go to the Christmas party?

If so, I am going to share what I have learned about Christmas parties and maybe change your mind.

I am also going to share some memorable stories from Christmas parties past. So even if you always go to the Christmas party you should also read on…

It is a time to bond with your team

The best time I have bonded with my team members is at events outside the workplace.

Your team will let their hair down at work events. They generally don’t talk about work with you as they have been doing that all day. They will talk about what they love doing, where they love to go and what they love about their children.

Sharing this information can create a rapport between you and your other team members. It brings you closer together as a team, especially if you have the same interests.

It will also give you more to talk about at work going forward.

Also, if there are some funny events during the night, you will share these experiences for years to come. I know I do.

It is a time to network

A strong network can help you throughout your career. It can –

  • Create new opportunities
  • Help you overcome barriers to getting things done
  • Provide protection if things are not going as well as you would like.

The Christmas party is a great place to meet new people, extend your network and find out about what other people do.

People are in a party mood and will love to talk about what they do.

I am always surprised about the diverse types of jobs people do. This has opened my eyes to other opportunities I might like to follow in the future.

Many people in my network are those I have met in events outside work.

It is time to have fun

It has been a hard year, lots of up and lots of downs.

What better way to relax at the end of the year by dressing up, having a couple of drinks and even a dance or two at the Christmas party.

It is a time to respect the workplace

Remember that a Christmas party is an extension of your workplace. Your colleagues and managers are in attendance and you should have fun, but always act with respect and dignity. The last thing you want is an embarrassing conversation or worse the next day.

It is time for some memorable stories

Jekyll & Hyde

A contractor who had been with the team for a few months turned into an extreme perfectionist over night. He verbally abused a lot of his team members about their ability to do their jobs.

It was a strange change in character, but his behaviour was unacceptable and I had to let him go in the morning.

His character flipped back in the morning like nothing had happened and before he left he apologised to each individual he had upset.

Foster Impersonator

On the morning after the Christmas party I received a call from regional management and HR about an incident that occurred at the party.

That is all I needed the morning after.

It turned out that a man verbally abused the young lady at the door who was handing out Champagne as she had run out. When approached by the nightclub staff, he abused them as well.

Whilst shown out he told them that they would be sorry as his name was Nick Foster and he was senior director in the company. The staff quite rightly continued to escort him out.

They then followed up with the lady who organised the event and told her what had happened and that she should speak to me.

They staff directed her to where I was standing outside and she said that is not Nick Foster, I know him well. She spoke to the impersonator who ignored her and quickly jumped into a cab.

The next day the lady who organised the event and I walked the IT floors and tracked down the Foster impersonator.  He no longer works for the company.


My reputation spread across the company as the guy you should avoid at the Christmas party as you may not have a job the next morning.

Wrap up

Christmas parties are a great time to bond with your team members, build upon your network, let your hair down and also have some fun.

But most importantly remember, it is an extension of the workplace.

Also watch out for My Hyde and any impersonators.

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