Three weeks ago, I started a new role in the bustling city of London.

It has been a long 18 years since I last travelled on a train each day and it has brought back a fantastic memory.

A memory of the so called train gang.

The train gang was a group of people I met whilst commuting to London in the 90s. People I became great friends with.

Every evening, we would all scramble to get the same seats on the 17:52 train home. We played cards, mocked, joked, laughed and generally had a great time.

Even though I am the only gang member left commuting to London, we remain friends and meet each other regularly.

What great days 🙂

People watching

When I am on the train I love to people watch. I am doing it now whilst drafting this post.

A gentleman opposite me is watching a movie on his mini iPad.

A lady next to me is scrolling endlessly through Facebook posts.

A gentleman diagonally opposite me is sleeping and catching flies with his mouth wide open.

Others are pretending to sleep, playing games on their smartphones, responding to countless incoming WhatsApp messages or just gazing out of the window.

They are literally travelling through time. Time that they will never get back.

Finding time

What are you doing with your travel time?

Can you find extra time to work on self-improvement, hobbies or starting your own business?

Don’t get me wrong, if the train gang still commuted, I would spend all my time with them as I value their friendship higher than my work.

But I have 2 hours, where I could do the same as the other commuters or choose to use the time differently.

So I stick on my headphones, visualise my end goal and move forward with my business one step at a time.

Over the last few weeks,

  • I have read 2 self-improvement books
  • Outlined a book I want to write
  • Found a new coaching client and prepared for the first session
  • Drafted this post

How much time can you find to work on the future you desire?

Your virtual coach & mentor