Who am I?

Hello there and welcome to my website. My name is Nicholas Foster, but apart from my mum, everyone calls me Nick. I am an executive career & life coach.

I spent 15 years as a successful leader at Credit Suisse and UBS. During this time, I built and led global teams of over 300 people, managed complex strategic change programmes of up to $40m and was accountable for one of the most critical trade management systems in the bank.

In parallel to growing this successful career, I got married to my beautiful wife Debby and became a dad to two amazing children.

I discovered during my career that to feel complete and happy as a man I needed to feel successful doing work I enjoyed, have time, energy and presence to build a great relationship with my family and spend time with my mates and on activities that energised me. My mission is to enable like-minded dads to do the same.

Why I Do What I Do

From paperboy to senior technology leader and every role in between, I have always been driven to be the best I can be to help the people I respect achieve success.

This purpose combined with a passion for software development my parents ignited in me when they brought me a ZX Spectrum for Christmas in 1981, has enabled me to build a successful, rewarding and long career in technology.

In 2015, I fell out of my love for my career because my role had changed and no longer aligned with my purpose.

After taking some time out and training as a life and executive coach with the Coaching Academy, I realised I could spend 100% of my time following my purpose and passion by helping other leaders in I respect achieve their success. So, I started my coaching business.


When I was a toddler, we had a German Shepherd called Lady. I used to take two biscuits outside. One for me and a dog biscuit for Lady. Somehow, I always ended up with the dog biscuit.

I am scared stiff of crabs since I can remember. Christmas Island would be my worst nightmare.

I loved space and the space shuttle when I was a kid and wanted to work for NASA until they wrote to me and told me they only employ Americans. I hope they have changed their policy now as this wasn’t very diverse.

Just before my teens, I felt the peer pressure of following a football team, so I asked my dad what team I should support. He said as my favourite colour was red it was either Manchester United or Liverpool. So, I chose Liverpool. My mum and dad took me to Anfield once and dropped me outside the Everton ground in full Liverpool football kit. Good job I wasn’t spotted before they realised.

When I was 21, I helped design some of the software used in the primary flight computers of the Boeing 777.

My favourite film is Top Gun and after watching it, I wanted to join the Navy. Alas, my dreams were destroyed as I failed officer evaluation.

I am an avid James Bond fan and have watched Casino Royale over ten times.

I love listening to dance music and always enjoy a good dance.

My favourite night of the week is a cosy Saturday night in front of the television with my wife, two children and a load of bad snacks that we rarely eat. Heaven.

Nicholas is an excellent mentor and coach. Using his wealth of management experience, he has helped me drive my career and overcome challenges that I face.

Andrew Freed

Andrew Freed

Nick is an incredible mentor and coach. Having worked in his team at Credit Suisse and learning from his leadership and people skills, I am glad he has considered coaching through his venture ‘Develite’. I have been following his blogs and it has helped me a lot and I highly recommend people to read them and connect with Nick to receive his coaching for personal and professional development.

Keta Desai

Keta Desai

I would wholeheartedly recommend Nick to anyone who is looking to challenge and improve themselves whilst staying true to who the want to be.

Tom Wallis

Tom Wallis

Nick’s coaching helped me stop feeling completely overwhelmed by workload and shown me how I can take a calm step by step approach to decide what I need to achieve and then work out a logical order of tasks to get there.

Nathalie Christmann-Cooper

Nathalie Christmann-Cooper

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