Be That Dad with The Dirty Car

Be That Dad with The Dirty Car

A car advert made a significant impact on me when my children were young. The advert opened on a well-kept urban street. The sun was shining, and all you could hear were birds singing. There were two houses, both with driveways. On one driveway was a man who was wiping down his car after cleaning it. His car, driveway and grass verge were immaculate. The driveway for the other house was empty with an uncut grass verge. Suddenly a car pulled up onto this driveway. It was caked in mud. All four doors flew open, and a man, woman and two children jumped out with their arms full of goodies. They were smiling, laughing and generally making a lot of noise. They slammed the car doors and went straight indoors. The man cleaning his car stood on his driveway looking horrified at the dirty car.

Ever since then, I strived to be the dad in the dirty car. The dad that just forgets all the chores that others believe are important and has fun with his family. Who cares if the grass is long or the car is dirty? Weekends are too short not to enjoy yourself with your family.

What can you do in the evenings and the weekends that will have the most impact on your relationship with your family while outsourcing or leaving the rest?

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