Accelerate through your exponential transition

There is an exciting time in your life when your career takes off.

It’s also a special time at home where you are greeted each day with young smiling faces who want to spend as much time as they can with you.

What many leaders don’t realise is that they are going through a transition. Probably one of the most challenging transitions in their work life. A transition where demands and expectations on them grow exponentially.

And because they don’t recognise this as a transition, they don’t make any changes. They continue to use the same skills and strategies that got them this far.

Overtime the following occurs:

  • You work harder and longer hours to meet your growing demands.
  • You feel that you are no longer meeting the expectations of you and that others are losing confidence.
  • You neglect the activities that re-energise you because you don’t have time which in turn keeps you in an exhausted state.
  • Your loved ones get what’s left of you, which is not a lot, and it puts pressure on your relationships.
  • You get into a never-ending loop of stress. The work stress you bring home and the home stress and guilt you bring back to work.

Ultimately this can result in:

  • Burn out.
  • Impact on the relationships with your loved ones.
  • A lack of career progression.
Ian Tyrrell

I sought out Nick’s help after having some challenges balancing the needs of a demanding new role with responsibilities at home. I’ve worked with a number of coaches in the past and found Nicks pragmatic and actionable insights highly beneficial. Working with a leadership coach who has first hand experience of both technology leadership and fatherhood meant that he could relate directly and practically rather than in a purely theoretical way.

Ian Tyrrell

Accelerate through your exponential transition

To enable you to continue to scale your success while not burning out and impacting your relationships, we would typically focus on 5 core practices:

1. Ways of Working

You cannot scale to meet your new demands unless you change your current ways of working whilst filling the gaps you leave behind.

Together we’ll adjust your ways of working so that you can manage your current and future workload.

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don't believe in the strategy

2. Thinking

Expectations of you now go beyond delivery. It’s time to direct your thinking towards strategic impact, alignment and focus on the future.

Together, we’ll adjust your thinking so you can deliver strategic impact whilst taking advantage of opportunities and mitigating threats.

3. Performance

At this next level, the skills required are more than just technical. It’s about behaviour, emotional intelligence, and adaptability. It’s about becoming an inspirational role model and ambassador for the company.

Together, we’ll upgrade your leadership performance to meet the expectations others have on you at this level and beyond.

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technology leadership coaching

4. Relationships

Your current relationships have served you well, but most won’t be effective at the level you need to operate now. It’s time to invest in building relationships that will give you the support, guidance and influence you currently need.

Together, we’ll increase your circle of influence to deliver the impact expected of you now while supporting your growth at the next level.

5. Counterbalance

The expectations and demands now and in the future will take their toll on you and your loved ones unless you counterbalance them.

Together, we’ll create the perfect counterbalance that allows you to manage your ever-increasing workload while giving you the time you need with your loved ones and the activities that re-energise you.

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