Career Acceleration

You want the recognition and reward for your hard work, personal sacrifice and results. But have you met the high bar set for the next level?

  1. Places are limited, competition is intense, and the company wants only the best at the next level.
  2. It’s a big step up, and you need to demonstrate that you can manage the required responsibility and accountability while delivering the same impact as leaders above you.
  3. Your internal and external exposure will increase, and you will need to show you are a role model in leadership behaviour and ways of working.
  4. You’ll be setting the strategic direction for part of the organisation that will impact the bottom line.
  5. You must show you can compete with leaders at the next level and not drop to a poor performer when you get promoted.

To meet this high bar takes a lot of work on top of an already manic workload and a lot of resilience to keep going when things don’t go your way.

From my own experience of reaching the executive level, being a promotion evaluator and helping my leadership team and clients to get promoted, I’ve discovered that to give yourself the best shot at the title; you need to proactively need to work on:

  • Standing out from your peers who work just as hard as you.
  • Scaling up so you can meet the expectations and demands of you at the next level.
  • Delivering visible impact that goes beyond your circle of influence.

The resources and services you will see below will enable you to accelerate that journey.

Tom Wallis

Personally, the year has been a huge success, ending with a promotion that I had been targeting. The feedback from management as part of the promotion process highlighted my leadership skills which were the key area on which Nick, and I worked. I would wholeheartedly recommend Nick to anyone who is looking to challenge and improve themselves whilst staying true to whom they want to be.

Tom Wallis

Private Coaching

If you would like to work with me 1-2-1 as a coach, these are typically the areas I will work with you on after assessing where you are today:

  • Platform – together, we’ll grow your platform to that required at the next level.
  • Performance – together, we’ll raise your leadership skills and performance to match the next level.
  • Impact – together, we’ll create the visible impact expected at the next level.
  • People – together, in parallel, we’ll create and build the relationships needed to achieve the above while creating sponsorship for the promotion itself.
  • Workload – together, we’ll change your ways of working so you can manage your current and ever-increasing workload.
  • Counterbalance – together, we’ll counterbalance the demands and expectations, so you don’t burn out and find the time and energy for your loved ones.
  • Blockers – together, we’ll breakthrough any internal and external blockers in your way.

What can you expect from our strategic coaching work together:

  • Clarity
  • Co-created strategies
  • Stretch and challenge
  • Brainstorming with a qualified coach, executive leader and father
  • Accountability
  • Confidential, safe and supportive space
  • Results

If you would like to discover more about coaching and how we can work together, let’s have a conversation.

During this conversation, we will assess where you are today and what support you need. I will then propose a coaching program customised to your needs and timelines. If you wish to proceed, we will schedule the first coaching session. If not, no problem, we’ve both connected with someone new who may be able to help us in the future.