Find Your WHY – Start Your Journey Back To Career Fulfilment

Find Your WHY – Start Your Journey Back To Career Fulfilment

I am a big fan of Simon Sinek’s work, but more so since I found my own WHY. This week, I want to share with you why I strongly believe that if you find your WHY, you can start your own journey back to happiness and fulfilment.

So here goes.

LOST Fulfiment

Last week, I spent an enjoyable day catching up with some ex work colleagues. I am not ashamed to say that I missed these guys. It’s great to hear about what they are doing now and the challenges they face in their new roles.

Many of them had read my story on my website. But were surprised to read that I was unhappy for so long.

You never showed it Nick

I believe as a leader, that you should never show your team or others at work what is going on inside you. The only ones to spot it were those in my close support network and my family – Grumpy old dad I was called.

Grumpy I will accept, but old, come on!

Why was my dream life not enough anymore?

During this unhappy time, I used to think – what the hell is the matter with me?

  • Successful job
  • Paid well
  • Fit and healthy
  • Close network of friends and colleagues
  • Fantastic  home life with a beautiful caring wife and two fantastic children
  • Lovely house, nice car and go on luxurious holidays
  • Great work life balance
  • Dream life, you would think

Why was this not enough for me now?

I couldn’t figure it out, I loved this job for ten years. What happened?

finally I discovered my why

Three years later It finally makes sense. After three months this year of hard work, resilience and determination from my coach, I finally discovered my true WHY.

Poor fella, sometimes it takes me a while to make sense of what goes on inside me.

Three months of hard work by two people and the result is just two sentences, really?

Well here it is –

I always want to be the best at what I do so that I can help people I respect achieve success. I am motivated by receiving recognition from those I help and rewarded with further opportunities to grow.

This can be seen through everything I have done since I was a child. Well as far back as I can remember anyway. Before you say it, I am not that old.

I am sure there is more to it, but I am sure it will evolve now I understand the core and test it going forward.

For ten years, my job aligned with my WHY. I was the best developer, team lead, relationship manager, programme manager and senior leader I could be to help my business users I respected in the company succeed. Due to their success, I received recognition and I was rewarded with opportunities to grow in the roles I was promoted into.


Then bang, the world changed.

I was now working in an industry that was downsizing and my business clients were now faceless external regulators.

  • Business clients I respected to help succeed were no more?
  • No Recognition, just hit the next milestone
  • Less opportunities to grow

This did not align with my WHY, no wonder I became unhappy.

Three months of hard graft was worth it. It now makes logical sense.

Now every time I make a decision about the direction of my business or who I work with, I check with my WHY and my values to make sure they align.

It’s time to find your why

I found my WHY and started my own journey back to my career fulfilment. I started a business that aligns with my WHY and now feel like my old happy, driven and fulfilled self. More importability I am no longer a grumpy old dad, well most of the time anyway.

If you are in a position like I was and feel unhappy and unfulfilled in your work, then it is time to find your WHY.

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