Install an Escalation Early Warning System

Install an Escalation Early Warning System

Here’s why you need to install an escalation early warning system with your team.

It’s Kicking Off

Things aren’t going well with the project, and noise is growing, or you suspect it will.

It’s ok you’ve got this under control.

You’ve nailed it, you’ve mitigated the risk, you’ve found a way to bring it back on track and let everyone know before the noise got out of control.

Your stress starts to fade along with the adrenaline and noise. You feel tired, but pleased you’ve put it to bed for good.

A few hours go past, you’ve forgot all about it. But then your boss calls you out of the blue.

“Joe’s just called me, and he is fuming. He told me that the project has missed yet another milestone and he has lost confidence in us and our ability to deliver and he is going to speak to his boss. I didn’t know all the facts so I said I would call him back after I had spoken to you. What happened?”

Joe had out of date and incomplete facts and my boss could of calmed him quickly if he was aware of these facts.

Lesson Learnt

If you suspect noise or there is noise rising, always make your boss aware of the full facts early and keep him up to date

  1. It gives your boss credibility with his clients and his boss’ that he is on top of things.
  2. It allows him to calm the noise down quickly with the facts and maybe prevent further escalation.
  3. It gives him confidence that you have everything under control.

Your Turn

Now flip this on its head. How are you going to provide a safe environment for your team to do the same for you?

Your coach