Video – Maintaining Balance Under Pressure

Video – Maintaining Balance Under Pressure

I am privileged to have been interviewed this week by Rebecca Godfrey PhD as part of her Leadership Vaccine Series.

Rebecca is a scientist, speaker, trainer, strategist and the founder of Etheo Limited, a Team and Leadership development consultancy.

Drawing on her experience holding senior leadership positions in the pharmaceutical industry, her aim is to change the way highly regulated industries operate, by helping them to meet new challenges and focus on operational excellence. 

What Did We Talk About?

Although we talked about maintaining boundaries in the current norm of working from home, we also discussed –

  • The four leadership phases we are currently going through.
  • How a close support network can help you at this time.
  • How to thrive as a leader in this current environment.
  • Plus much more…

Rebecca is a great interviewer and did not make it easy for me, so if you want to see me under fire with some difficult questions, then this is worth a watch.

It’s a Wrap

I hope you enjoyed the interview as much as I did.

Did you hear any insights you could put into action next week?

If you did, then that has made my week.

Until next week