Why Should You Restart Date Nights

Why Should You Restart Date Nights

Before you had children, you and your partner would make time for each other for a romantic evening out. You would book somewhere special, dress up and spend the evening talking, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Do you remember?

But then a life changing event happened, you became a dad. You and your partner are now exhausted when the children have gone to bed and date nights have now been replaced with sitting brain dead, conversation free in front of the television with dinner.

“Do what you did at the beginning of a relationship and there won’t be an end” – Tony Robbins

What Are You Missing?


What have you been up to? What has your partner been up to? Date nights will help you reconnect and catch up with what’s going on in each other’s life.

It will also increase your commitment to each other by talking about plans you have with each other in the future.

Educating Your Children

Children will always ask the why are you going out dad? This is a great time to teach them on the importance of relationships and how to grow them.

Chilling Out

This will give you both the time to destress from work and family whilst building up the energy and resilience to keep moving forward together.

At the end of the day, if your home life is stable, it helps with every other aspect of your life, especially when you have each other’s back.

Your Identity

Date nights allow you to drop the dad identity for a while and feel like yourself again.

Romance & Intimacy

Who knows where a date night will lead? No more to be said.

What, No Sitters?

If you cannot get access to sitters, then dress up and make a special dinner at home after the children have gone to bed.

If you can get sitters, then I know its effort to arrange, but get dressed up and go out. It’s definitely worth it.

Stop and Take Action Now

Don’t walk away from this post today without taking action. You have seen how important date nights are. Open your calendar right now and book in a date night.