Year-End Reviews Made Easy

Year-End Reviews Made Easy

Yay, we’ve just put up our Christmas decorations. My wife and children always make the house look amazing. As usual, I am like a big kid bouncing around the front room showing my excitement, cuddling everyone and dancing about.

If it ever stops raining, then I will tackle the outside icicle lights, penguins and reindeer. For now, I am in the dry and warm writing this post.

Year-End Reviews Take Ages

Sorry to ruin the Christmas moment, but it’s also that time of year when you sit down and give your yearly feedback to each of your team members. Maybe you have done them already or if you are like the rest of us, you have put them off to the last moment when you think it’s going to be quiet. Never is though.

Are you looking forward to some, but feel some may be painful? Are you dreading the write ups which seem to take forever?

Well, I am afraid I cannot help you this year. But I do have a cunning plan that will help you next year. A plan that will allow you to just cut and paste into each review and have an easy conversation. Interested? Then you should definitely read on.

Think It, Ink It

Start by creating a log for each team member. I used outlook notes to do this. I am not 100% clear on the law on this, but I made sure my team members knew I was keeping notes on them during the year that they would be used in their year-end reviews. I also made sure I used the corporate technology and not my personal devices. This personal data is then protected under corporate policy and security.

Real Time

It you observe something done well or otherwise, give the feedback in real time while the context and content are fresh in everyone’s memory. Then log it.


At the end day or the end of the week, reflect on each of your team’s performance and again log it.

121 Meetings

If you don’t have regular 121 meeting with your team, then it’s definitely time to start. Every 2 weeks for 30 minutes, I found to be the most effective.

During the meeting go through the log and objectives and write up any feedback from your team member.

Over the year, you will accumulate accurate feedback and observations throughout the year that you have already discussed with your team members.

End of Year / Mid Year

This should be matter of cutting and pasting your logs into the system. The meetings should also be easier as expectations have been fully managed in real time and in every 121 meeting.

Wrap Up

I hope you like my cunning plan. Effort wise, it is probably the same, but It made my life easier at year end. Your team will also appreciate the regular feedback that is easy to deliver.

So, you going to try it for year-end reviews in future?

Your virtual coach & mentor