You’re missing critical promotion stakeholders

You’re missing critical promotion stakeholders

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Do you know your promotion stakeholders?

I thought I did, but I was wrong. Big time wrong.

I was missing a hell of a lot of them.

It was why I failed to get promoted the first time.

I did not have enough people in the room fighting my corner.

But someone told me who I was missing so I could nail it next time.

And this week, I am going to share the same with you.

Who did I miss?

During my first promotion round, I focussed all my time and energy on getting sponsorship from my MD level clients.

They knew me, liked me and I always delivered with them. I was known as their trusted technology partner.

If someone spoke to them, they spoke highly of me and the positive impact I made on their business.

I thought I had it nailed. But I didn’t.

You see, to be an effective executive leader you must step out of your silo and work effectively across silos.

The silos your business’s clients interact with and their technology partners.

I had failed to build relationships and impact my boss’s peers front to back and their business clients.

Not all of them, just enough to fight my corner on the promotion board.

These were the promotion stakeholders I had missed the first time, but not the next.

What about you – do you know your promotion stakeholders?

Your Coaching Challenge

This week’s coaching challenge is:

  1. Identify the promotion stakeholders you may have missed.
  2. Choose a few of them to target.
  3. Create a plan of how you will build a relationship with them and their business partners.

Let’s speak again next week.

Your Virtual Coach