Are You A Single Point of Failure?

Are You A Single Point of Failure?

Are you struggling to find the time to train or coach your team to pick up the work they should be doing? The work you’re holding on to.

Maybe it’s because you don’t want to miss a deadline, make mistakes, lose control or something else?

Whatever the reason, let’s see how inaction could be impacting your team, the business, your career and you.

Your Team

Let’s look at it from your team’s perspective.

How do they view you as a leader?

  • A leader who is reluctant to delegate.
  • A leader who holds on to accountability and responsibility.
  • A leader who doesn’t allow them to rise to the challenge.

If I was in their shoes, I’d feel demotivated, disengaged and would probably be looking for another role. What about you?

The Business

How do your boss, clients and stakeholders view you?

Are they concerned that everything seems to be done by you?

Are you seen as a bottleneck?

Are you a single point of failure? – a risk the business needs to mitigate because if you’re not around then who’s going to pick up what you do and keep everything moving?


What about you?

Are you feeling stressed, burnt out and bringing your emotions home to your loved ones? Is it having an impact on your health and relationships?

And what about your career?

How do your career stakeholders view you for the next level? If you cannot demonstrate you can manage the workload now, how are you going to cope with the increased responsibility and workload at the next level?

Overcome Fear

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.

Ambrose Redmoon

After reading the possible impact, are you willing to find the courage to take action and step out of the weeds?

I know it’s going to require more hard work, some difficult conversations and possibly impact deadlines. But you, your relationships, your team and your career are more important than the fears you have to overcome.

So, acknowledge the fears for what they are and take that small step forward.

Your Coach