Do Leaders Have Location Bias?

Do Leaders Have Location Bias?

Throughout my corporate career, I have been involved in many senior leadership changes and subsequent reorgs.

With each change, the location of leadership power and decision making changed, i.e. wherever the new senior leader was based, most of their leadership team were located.

So, as leaders, do we have an unconscious bias for our leadership team to be in the same location?

Let’s think about this a little. If someone is in the same physical location:

  • Do we create a stronger relationship with them, i.e. know, like, trust?
  • Do we resonate more towards them culturally, i.e. when we are on holiday and meet someone from where we live, we instantly seem to make a connection? 
  • Do we find it easier to observe them as leaders, i.e. performance/behaviour?

What other factors come into play here?

In the new normal, will leadership power be more distributed as we become more experienced in leading virtually?

Love to hear your thoughts.

Your Coach