About Nicholas Foster

Qualified and accredited professional coach with extensive experience as a global executive leader.

Track record of enabling my clients to break through the internal and external roadblocks that stop them from creating a future of success, fulfilment and balance.

Clients like the fact that I can speak the same language and share experienced insights as a senior leader, a parent, a business owner and someone who has made several successful career moves.

I believe you can thrive

At Work and at Home

As you become more successful in your career, expectations, demands and pressure on you grow exponentially.

At the same time, your young family also have heartfelt expectations and demands on you.

If you don’t successfully navigate this exponential transition, you will burn out, impact your relationships and your career will plateau.

Since 2016, I’ve been helping ambitious, family focussed leaders, like you, create sustainable success while not burning out and impacting their relationships.

Nicholas Foster Executive Career Coach

Hi, I’m Nick

I’m an executive leader, executive coach, career coach, husband and proud dad.

I spent over 15 years as a global executive at Credit Suisse and UBS. During this time, I built and led global teams of over 300 people, managed complex strategic change programmes of up to $40m and was accountable for one of the most critical trade management systems in the bank.

In parallel to growing this successful career, I married my wife Debby and became a dad to two precious children.

Throughout my career, I’ve managed to create and sustain success while avoiding burnout and achieving a balance that gave me a great relationship with my loved ones.

It not all smooth sailing though. Mistakes and challenging situations help me evolve the leadership skills, models, strategies and systems I use, share and teach today.

But the most significant impact on me and my loved ones was made by a professional coach. Because of this, I trained, qualified and became a professional coach myself with a mission of enabling others to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

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