Nicholas Foster

Hi, I’m Nick

I’m an executive coach, consultant and technology executive.

I’ve spent over 30+ years in technology where I’ve transitioned from software developer to executive leader while becoming a husband and dad.

I’ve spent over 20+ years of this in financial services where I’ve been privileged to lead teams of 300+ people, budgets of $40m+ and be accountable for some of the bank’s critical systems.

During my time at Credit Suisse, I was also honoured to be made an executive promotion evaluator and global promotion committee member.

I’m a professional and qualified coach where I’ve become a trusted partner to many senior leaders by enabling them to navigate their challenging executive journey, often from struggling to striving and then to sustained success.

I am passionate about writing about what I’ve learnt so that other senior leaders can reach and perform at the executive level without burning out and impacting their relationships with their loved ones.

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Nicholas Foster Executive Career Coach

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