Success, Fulfilment, Balance

With Executive Career Coach Nicholas Foster

Does this Sound Familiar?

Are you outwardly successful, but inwardly unfulfilled, unsatisfied or unhappy with your career?

Is it because you’re struggling to achieve the reward and recognition you deserve for all your hard work, results and personal sacrifice?

Is it because the demands and expectations of you at work are causing you to burn out or impact your relationships with your loved ones?

Or is it less concrete than this, and you don’t know what you want anymore?

Whatever you are struggling with, I know it’s leaving you feeling frustrated, restless and lonely.

Frustrated and restless because this is an unusual position for you. You have a reputation for solving challenging problems.

Lonely because nobody notices the inner turmoil you are going through. Well not yet anyway.

If left unresolved, this will eventually impact your career and your relationships with your loved ones.

Let me share how my inner turmoil eventually became visible and started to impact my career and my relationships with my loved ones.

My Story

I was an outwardly successful executive at a top tier investment bank. I had an impressive title, a large global team, and an excellent compensation package. I had everything I wanted and worked hard to achieve. Internally though, I felt unhappy and unfulfilled. What was wrong with me?

Day and night, I would think about doing something else but changing anything felt terrifying. So, I stayed put.

I felt frustrated, restless and lonely. But what could I do? I was not going to risk 12 years of hard work.

Over time, the inner turmoil grew to such a frenzy that I disengaged at work and took my emotions home with me.

Every day I would bring work stress home with me and guilt back to work with me. Until one gut-wrenching evening when my daughter said in an angry voice –

“Why are you always a grumpy dad?”

This was a trigger that I had to do something. But what?

A colleague of mine suggested a coach may be able to help. So, I hired one and boy; I’m glad I did. It gave me clarity on what I wanted while giving me confidence, support and accountability to make the changes needed.

This change created an inner calmness and excitement about my future that I still feel today. More importantly, it brought back happy dad again. Well, most of the time anyway.

Because coaching made such a transformational impact on me and my loved ones, I trained, qualified and became a professional coach with a mission of helping others eliminate their inner turmoil and bring back an inner calmness and excitement about their future.

What About You?

If you’d like to discover how professional coaching can give you the clarity, confidence and commitment you need to eliminate your inner turmoil and create a future of success, fulfilment and balance, let’s have a conversation.

During this conversation, we’ll discover what you want to achieve from coaching, if I’m the right coach for you and whether you are the right client for me.

This conversation can last anywhere between 20 and 90 minutes. My clients tell me that this conversation alone gave them greater clarity on creating a future of success, fulfilment, and balance.

If we both decide that we are a good match, I will outline the most strategic way forward to achieve the outcomes you want.

If we decide not to move forward, no problem. We’ve both made a great new connection.

If we decide to move forward, then we’ll book a slot in our calendars.

Let’s speak soon.

Mike Webb

Nick helped change my life…. he is an understanding and thoughtful career coach who helped me re-evaluate what was important and how to make the changes I needed for my mental well-being. Through only a few sessions we identified a couple of alternative strategies to refocus me on where I was heading and what I was going to do next. He opened my eyes to alternatives I didn’t think possible and with his support, I changed my professional direction in ways I could not have imagined. His insight and probing style enabled me to take the leap of faith I needed to help me see a brighter and happier future. to change this text.

Mike Webb

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