Are you prioritising money over happiness?

Are you prioritising money over happiness?

Are you successful in your role and rewarded well for your hard work?

Has your lifestyle grown in parallel with your success?

Bigger house, luxury cars, 5-star holidays, designer clothes, nice restaurants.

Why not, you worked hard for it.

But now you have reached that time in your life when you think to yourself “Is this it until I retire?”

What happened to that dream of running your own business or doing something completely different when you had enough money in the bank?

But those golden lifestyle handcuffs are squeezing you tighter than ever. No wiggle room to do anything, so you are going to have to suck it up.

It’s ok, you have money to enjoy yourself outside of work. But for some reason, you are not enjoying it.

You continue to tell your friends down the pub, “I would love to do something else, but no other job pays this well and my job is not really that bad”

How long are you going to pretend to everyone you are happy?

Remember time waits for no one. Maybe it’s time to stop making excuses and to stop prioritising money over happiness.