I Had a Dream

I Had a Dream

You know the dream. The one where you have it all –

  • A high-performing and thriving career
  • Time, energy and presence to be a great dad or mum
  • A trim and toned body that looks good in a suit and makes you feel confident on holiday

But, In the Real World

  • You need to hit demanding deadlines whilst dealing with volatile priorities and trying to keep unrealistic stakeholders happy.
  • You only have time to grab some lunch when a meeting finishes early. Which is usually unhealthy comfort food because it’s makes you feel better about your day.
  • You get home late most nights and have to catch up with emails or attend late night conference calls with what’s left of your evening.
  • Your slot in the calendar for going to the gym is always replaced by yet another meeting
  • You seem to be putting on a few pounds around the waist each month.
  • You have no energy at the weekend and find it difficult to be mentally present with your family while you worry about the week ahead.

I bet you could add ten more items to this list, if not more.

An Impossible Dream

Is there a part of you that still wants to live this dream? It’s impossible right? Or is it?

I bet you can think of someone in your organisation that is living this dream right now. You know the one. The one that –

  • Knows what they want and how to get it
  • Looks fit, healthy and good in a suit
  • Is calm, organised and seems to have time for everyone
  • Always leaves the office on time, is involved in activities outside work and talks warmly about their family life
  • Seems to thrive at everything they do

If not, go look for them. They are there, I guarantee it.

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Make It Happen

So now you know it’s possible, what are you going to do to about it?

  • What boundaries are you going to set?
  • How are you going to prioritise?
  • Who can you delegate more to?
  • Do you need more strength in your team?
  • Can you streamline?
  • How can you be more productive?
  • Whose expectations do you need to set?
  • When are you going to do it by?
  • Who is going to make you accountable?
  • Who can you partner with?
  • What else?


I know you haven’t got time for this and are probably feeling overwhelmed, but you make stuff happen at work, so why not make something happen for you?

The secret to achieving an overwhelming goal is to take small achievable steps until you get there. So, jot down some ideas. Take one idea, set a date, get it done and move on to the next.

You must also find someone who will keep you accountable and help you push past those excuses you will make up.

You now have a choice. Surf on to the next thing that sparks an interest and forget your dream. Or start making changes to achieve that dream you’ve parked for so long.

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