Executive & Career Coaching

For High Achieving Family Focussed Leaders

Balanced Approach

A perfect balance of coaching, mentoring, professional development and performance improvement.


As a former global executive leader at Credit Suisse and UBS, husband, father and qualified professional coach, I have the proven experience and skills to help you navigate your challenging leadership journey.

Sustained Success

For high achieving family focused leaders who want to want to create sustainable success at work and at home.

One to One Coaching

I work one to one with a limited number of ambitious and family focussed technology leaders a year who want to reach and excel at the executive level while not burning out and impacting their relationships with their loved ones.

My clients are usually:

=> Technology leaders who are struggling to navigate the exponential transition to the senior level.

=> Technology leaders who want to increase their leadership performance or the performance of their teams.

=> Technology leaders whose work demands, and expectations are causing them to burn out or impact their relationships with their loved ones.

=> Technology leaders who are outwardly successful, but inwardly unfulfilled, unsatisfied or unhappy in their current role.

They like the fact that I’m qualified as a coach, can speak the same language, and share experienced insights as a senior technology leader and parent.

I use a combination of traditional executive and leadership coaching, and subject-specific mentoring and validation, using the wealth of my experience as a technology executive to enable you to achieve your leadership and career outcomes.

I’ve made the mistakes and earned the scars navigating the exponential transition to the executive level and thriving when I got there. My job is to help you avoid the same and accelerate your journey.

Private Coaching

What can you expect from our strategic coaching work together:

  • Clarity
  • Co-created strategies
  • Stretch and challenge
  • Brainstorming with a qualified coach, executive leader and father
  • Accountability
  • Confidential, safe and supportive space
  • Results

If you would like to discover more about coaching and how we can work together, let’s have a conversation.

During this conversation, we will assess where you are today and what support you need. I will then propose a coaching program customised to your needs and timelines. If you wish to proceed, we will schedule the first coaching session. If not, no problem, we’ve both connected with someone new who may be able to help us in the future.

Nicholas Foster Executive Career Coach

Your Executive Coach

Hi, I’m Nick. I’m a technology executive coach who specialises in enabling ambitious technology leaders to reach and excel at the executive level while not burning out and impacting their relationships with their loved ones.

I spent over 15 years as a global technology executive at Credit Suisse and UBS. During this time, I built and led global development teams of over 300 people, managed complex strategic change programmes of up to $40m and was accountable for one of the most critical trade management systems in the bank.

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Personally, the year has been a huge success, ending with a promotion that I had been targeting. The feedback from management as part of the promotion process highlighted my leadership skills which were the key area on which Nick, and I worked. I would wholeheartedly recommend Nick to anyone who is looking to challenge and improve themselves whilst staying true to whom they want to be

Tom Wallis, Director

Tom Wallis, Director