How to overcome your promotion challenges

How to overcome your promotion challenges

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Hey Leaders of Choice,

As you are experiencing, navigating your path to the executive level is extremely challenging.

So, this week, I want to share with you how to overcome your promotion challenges so you can land that executive promotion you want.

But before that, I want to share with you some challenges of my own and how I pushed through them.


The first year I was up for promotion, I thought I’d smashed it.

I delivered everything on time and within budget. I’d exceeded expectations in my performance review for the last few years and I had the backing of executive business sponsors in London and New York.

It’s in the bag.

When my boss told me I had not succeeded this year. I could not believe it. What else could I have done?

When I asked my boss for feedback, he told me to just keep doing the same.

What use is that I told him. How am I meant to improve my chances next time if I don’t know why I failed this time?

He looked at me and said look, Nick,

  1. You can continue to bitch and moan which will not improve your chances.
  2. You can leave.
  3. Or you can suck it up and push harder next year.

Guess what? – I sucked it up.


Anyway, this boss was replaced, and my new boss told me he had entered me into the promotion process the following year.

Yet again, I thought I nailed it again.

But do you know what, my new boss lied to me. He hadn’t even put me in the process. WTF!

Anyway, I sucked it up again.


Another year and another boss landed. Under his mentorship and my learnings, I got the executive promotion I wanted along with everything that went with it.

So, what kept me going through these challenges?

These did:

  1. I wanted a more secure and better lifestyle for my young family.
  2. I wanted recognition for my hard work and personal sacrifices.
  3. I wanted a seat and voice at the strategic table.
  4. I wanted to create some space for others in my team to progress in their careers.
  5. I wanted my family to be proud of me.

And every time I hit a difficult challenge and felt like giving up, I would revisit these and push forward.

Your Coaching Challenge

Your coaching challenge for this week is to write down your reasons for wanting to get promoted to the executive level.

And use these as a reminder when the going gets tough. As it will!

Have a great week.

Your Virtual Coach