How You Can Use Fear to Take Action with Something Scary

How You Can Use Fear to Take Action with Something Scary

This month has been a great start to my full-time business. But the only reason for this was I used my biggest fear as a motivator to push me out of my comfort zone and take action.

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Comfy Slipper Time

The day I started my business full time, my business coach insisted we had a coaching session at 9am. Pushy fella my coach.

During our coaching session, he asked me what I was going to do with my first week. Nosey fella as well.

I said that I was going to spend the week planning out the next 3 months. In reality, I planned to sit behind my desk with comfy slippers on.

I Should be Committed

He knew this and challenged me throughout the session on what else I could do. At the end of the coaching session I had three actions to do that week. Actions that pushed me out of my comfort zone.

I came off the call and thought what the hell had I committed to.

Feelings of fear started to hit, in a both a negative and positive way.

Using My Fear to Take Action

The biggest fear I have is that my business fails, and I have to go back to a full-time job. This also aligns to one of my biggest limiting beliefs –

I cannot keep the same lifestyle for me and my family running a business as I can as a senior corporate technology leader.

Thinking about these, caused an internal motivation so strong that I just got on with it, even though it was uncomfortable.

The result being a new client and two more opportunities. All this in my first two weeks by using my biggest fears to take action.

Damn Those Internet Gurus

I have read a lot of books over the past few months about internet marketing and each of them states that you need at least 7 hours of valuable content on your website and 11 touch points to create a client. One of the best form of content at the moment is video.

I have to start doing damn videos, really?

For some reason, I can stand up and talk on a global video call with 300 people and spend all day on Skype talking to clients, but when I have to produce a video to be shared on the internet, I bolt to my panic zone.

Time to use that fear again, so I did.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

I thought to ease me into this, I could do an interview with someone.

I contacted a colleague, Alli Reiner who is a relationship coach and asked her if she would do an interview with me on how work life balance can affect relationships with your loved ones and what proactive steps you can take. She kindly accepted.

I was hoping she would say no, but we booked a day and time to do the video over zoom.

Comfort zone alert. All I could think about this week was how bad I was going to be on this video.

I Did It

Well I did the video today and it contains very valuable insights that I will share with you next week. Insights that I will use in the future.

I have just played back the video. I am not perfect in it, I even have a twitchy eye due to my hay fever being bad today. But I have done it, used my fear to motivate me to take action.

I now feel easier about doing my next one. So, look out for more in the future.

Your Turn to Take Action

What have you been putting off that you should do because it pushes you out of your comfort zone?

What fear of not doing it can motivate you take action?

Use it and take action this week. Yes, this week, not next. You will forget this post next week and those comfy slippers will slide back on.