I Don’t Know What I Want Anymore

I Don’t Know What I Want Anymore

I don’t know what I want anymore is a problem that leaves you frustrated, restless and lonely.

Frustrated and restless because as a high achiever, this is an unusual position for you as you have a reputation for fixing problems.

Lonely because nobody notices the internal turmoil you are struggling with. Well, not yet anyway.

But when you have a lot to be grateful for – a good job, a loving family and a nice lifestyle, it feels terrifying to change anything.

Why would you risk everything you worked so hard for?

But left unresolved, I guarantee it will start to impact.

Jane’s Story

Jane is a high achiever. She has a great job and progressed quickly up the corporate ladder. She has a loving husband, two beautiful children, a great circle of friends and a fantastic lifestyle.

But Jane is restless. Something deep down didn’t feel right.

I don’t know what I want anymore kept going around in her head.

She thought to herself – Have I spent all this time in the wrong career. Was there something else for me?

She quickly dismissed this thought. Everything is great. I’ll stick at it. I’m not going to give up everything I’ve worked so hard for, and I’m not going to show others I haven’t got this.

“If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.”

Stephen Covey

After a while, Jane consumed herself with trying to figure out what she wanted going forward. But making a change seemed unthinkable and terrifying.

This inner turmoil started to impact her work. She began to lose focus, her performance started to degrade, and she felt like she was disengaging. How long would it be before others notice?

As she became more stressed and frustrated with the problem, she started to take her emotions home with her, which began to impact her relationships.

She had to solve this, or she was going to lose everything. But what could she do?

Can you see the impact this is having on Jane and her life by leaving the problem “I don’t know what I want anymore” unresolved?

What would happen if she continued along this path?

Who is Jane?

Jane is a fictitious person who represents the experience shared by myself, some of my clients and from my research.

When I work with my clients on this, we gain clarity on what they want to change and create this change. Some changes are small, and some are life-changing. But all with the result of bringing their best back to their work, their loved ones and themselves.